Research in Europe

National and European Research Funding

04.05.2022 | online


European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi)…

Dominik Maas

European Research Council, Marie S.-Curie Actions (DN, PF, SE)
Phone: +49-228-95997-13
E-Mail: dominik.maas[at]

Katharina Spannhake

European Research Council, Marie S.-Curie Actions (DN, PF, CITIZENS)
Phone: +49-228-95997-17
E-Mail: katharina.spannhake[at]

Please make an appointment for your individual questions on 6 May 2022.

University of Potsdam | Dezernat 1 | Research Funding – Service and Contact

Kerstin Schweigel

National Funding opportunities & Support for Early-Career Researchers
Phone: +49-331-977-1529
E-Mail: kerstin.schweigel[at]

Teresa Rodriguez

International Research Cooperation & EU – Research Funding
Phone: +49-331-977-1080
E-Mail: teresa.rodriguez[at]

Dr. Anja Stanciu

Advisor for the federal-state program for supporting young scholars / tenure track
Phone: +49-331-977-4027
E-Mail: anja.stanciu[at]

University of Potsdam | Potsdam Graduate School

Nadja Schubert

Basic Module, Graduate Scholarship
Phone: +49-331-977-4568
E-Mail: nadja.schubert[at]

Dr. Bettina Buchholz

Head of Funding, Science Management, Science Communication
Phone: +49-331-977-1728
E-Mail: bettina.buchholz[at]

Isabel Schröder

PhD Coaching
Phone: +49-331-977-1849
E-Mail: isabel.schroeder[at]